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demands that she resign and hand goodpower to an undelete -- two and on elected -- to an u nelected council. there is an ugly mood on the streets, with security forces using rubber but -- rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators. battlegrounds. here in the streets of the old the two sides are slugging it out in a conflict which keeps coming back to the city. on one side, the government. on the other, a movement set on bringing it down through the power of protest. every so often, they think there is a breakthrough. they are trying to take the prime minister's office, a symbolic prize. she is not actually there. at the gate is well fortified. -- but the gate as well fortified. undeterred, they begin bringing out an assortment of improvised weapons, hoping to score a hit, or at least to unnerve the watching police. this is their final attempt to push these lines. they pull the truck out of the way. they are hoping they can push their way through. so far, they have not managed to push through those police lines. after nine days of this, you have to ask what's the point? the go
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1